Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Hevnly Creations

Now see I told you it wouldn’t be such a long time until my next blog post… 

But I realised there was another exciting project going on that I had completely forgot to mention in my last post… Then I realised it probably deserves a bit of a mention on its own!  As you can see from my Pantone Cookies post below, I am a bit of a fan of baking! I’ve been baking since I was tiny and often bake cakes or cupcakes for birthdays… Now people always tell me my cakes are fab, but seen as I’m giving them to friends and family I tend to think they are slightly biased!!

My BF has also been making invitations for family and friends events for a while too so we decided to combine our skills and he has created a little website to show some of our designs and baking… Now I know there’s a massive boom in this kind of stuff at the moment, so perhaps I won’t end up making my millions this way but as a little side line it great… plus if my baking is as fab as everyone says it is then its only right to share it with the world right?!

Please check us out on…

@HevnlyCreations on Twitter or Like our facebook page 
Right is that enough plugging for now… yep probably!! 


  1. Thank you for the giant cupcake you baked for my birthday! Still soft and moist 6 days later! Delicious :-)

  2. Your more than welcome Liam!! hopefully the first of many happy clients!! :)